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Nicolai Levashov. Russian History Viewed through Distorted Mirrors. Vol. 1


                  The author expounds his views about the past of Russia and brings up the ques-
            tion of the intentional distortion of past events. He is the first to uncover the reasons
            for this distortion, who is behind it and why; and how it became possible. The author
            suggests looking at the events of the distant and not so distant past from quite another
            point of view, more precisely, from several points of view simultaneously. The author
            analyses a number of social phenomena as a single whole and proves that almost any
            event of the past of any country cannot be interpreted in two ways, or in the way ad-
            vantageous for those in power, but has an absolutely definite explanation which does
            not depend on the desire or ambitions of the person who sets his mind to explaining
            it, but on objective processes which are going on in human society. Using this ap-
            proach he succeeds in “clearing” the turbid waters of the “river” of time of Midgard-
            earth’s (our planet) civilization and, in particular, the past of Russia; although this
            Slavonic-Aryan empire had a lot of different names during its very long existence...

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                  Illustrations by Nicolai Levashov
                  Translated from Russian into English by Elena Lyubimova
                  Edited by Irene Stillwell


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