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Nicolai Levashov. Spirit and mind. Vol.1

                  Do past lives really exist — and if so, why do most of us have no knowledge or
            recollection  of  them?  What,  actually,  is  memory?  How  do  we  record,  store,  and
            access from memory something meaningful to us but long forgotten?

                  And what is the brain, per se, and how does it work? How do our brain cells

            receive and store information from the outside world?

                  How do we perceive and sense the surrounding world? What, in essence, are our
            feelings and emotions? Are we able to understand the phenomenon of love feelings
            and how they arise in the depths of our soul?

                  Can we attribute them merely to sexual attraction with which Mother Nature has
            seen fit to endow us? If it is merely that, how can we explain why a man may feel the

            stirrings  of  love  only  for  a  specific  woman  —  and  not  just  for  anybody  he  may
            chance to meet on the street, in the work place, while traveling or theater-going?

                  If it is something other than just physical attraction, what is it — and why can
            love disappear or turn to complete indifference — or even mutual hatred at times?
                  As  for  human  personality  —  how  does  one  develop  a  particular  psychic
            organization  and  character?  Why  does  one  person  have  great  will  power  while
            another,  weak  individual,  is  totally  devoid  of  it?  How  do  the  different  types  of
            psychic  organization  evolve  and why, in a given individual, may the psychic type

            change in the course of one's lifetime?

                  How does homosexuality originate?
                  And  intuition  —  what  is  it?  Where  does  the  "spontaneous  knowing"  that  we
            experience come from and why do we receive it?

                  So many questions arise in our conscious mind, but how can we construe the
            conscious and subconscious per se?
                  How do we acquire the ability to think and what is the process of thinking? All
            these questions arise in our brain and require answers if we wish to regard ourselves

            as truly intelligent beings. Yet one question looms largely and eclipses all the others
            — the matter of our Soul, our Spirit.

                  Where do our souls come from; why do we possess them and where do they go
            when  we  die?  What  befalls  them  in  heaven  or  hell,  and  for  what  sins  are  they

            returned back to Earth?!
                  Does our life have a purpose — or is it merely a brief and evanescent moment
            between past and future...?

                                                                                     Nicolai Levashov

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