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Nicolai Levashov. Spirit and mind. Vol.1

            According to Levashov, what they stumbled on, the so-called "phantom effect," was
            actually  a  side  effect  —  the  existence  of  the  etheric  body  created  by  the  DNA
            molecule. In other words, without recognizing its significance, they had found a piece
            of  the  puzzle  of  biogenesis  —  the  origin  of  living  life  from  inanimate  matter.
            Introduced in the first book, it is developed in depth in the present volume.

                  Thanks  to  a  much  broader  perspective  of  reality,  Levashov  was  able  to
            formulate his theories a decade prior to those chance findings — stumbled upon by

            scientists who failed to grasp their significance — chance findings that corroborated
            his position on cosmology and his masterful elucidation of the origin of life.

            What makes the "New Knowledge" unique is that it is a coherent system that covers
            all as-pects of reality, enabling him to formulate precisely and scientifically the
            underlying natural processes that shape everything in the cosmos.

                  Neurology has shown that man uses only about five percent of his cerebral
            neurons, while the other ninety-five percent lie dormant and undeveloped. According
            to  Levashov,  the  physical  realm  that  we  grasp  with  our  five  senses  (abetted  by

            devices based on those senses) is but a small portion of the total reality—the tip of
            the  iceberg,  as  it  were.  There  are  myriad  realms  of  reality  that,  due  to  our
            developmental  limitations,  we  cannot  even  begin  to  perceive.  Levashov's
            multidimensional  perspective  opens  these  realms  to  us  by  providing  a  coherent
            structural system that ties them all together.

            Starting with the primordial building blocks of creation, "primary matters," he takes
            us step by step through their eternal interplay, their cosmic dance, and manner
            of response to any changes in the structure of anisotropic space — choreographed
            by strict numerical values that determine the creation or dissolution of everything that
            exists. The universe is perpetually playing a "numbers" game: primary matters fuse
            and  create,  or  separate  and  undo  —  according  to  precise  numerical  parameters,
            described  as  "dimensionalities"  and  "dimensionality  gradients"  which  recur
            thematically throughout the corpus of his work.
                  A kind of illumination, an opening of the mind, begins to happen as we read
            and  soak  up  this  knowledge  and  become  awestruck  at  its  startling  beauty.  Solidly
            consistent at every level of reality, these concepts cross the boundaries of separate
            sciences  and  apply  universally  to  all  that  un-folds:  from  what  happens  inside  the

            tunnel of a DNA molecule to the birth of a star, from the gene-sis of all living life to
            the evolution of the human spirit; from the disintegration of a transuranium atom to
            the emergence of consciousness and human emotions.
                  That  is  why  Spirit  and  Mind  begins  by  explaining  Levashov's  long-held
            position that our planet is not unique in the universe. Expanding on the unified
            theory set forth in his first book, he invokes the same principles to explain what has
            never  been  explained  before  —  the  quantitative  and  qualitative  conditions  for  the
            emergence  of  life  on  our  planet—or  life  in  general  throughout  the  universe.  He
            clearly shows how these conditions come together to play a role in the genesis of life
            — leading us to the inescapable conclusion that there are billions of planets with
            life and that the origin of life is inevitable.

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