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Nicolai Levashov. Russian History Viewed through Distorted Mirrors. Vol. 1

            history of the Great Russian people. I am not driven by Russian chauvinism, as some
            would like to think, but by the debt owed to our Great Ancestors, Great in the com-
            plete sense of this word. And for the sake of historical justice, I would like to pay at-
            tention to the fact that chauvinism is alien to the Russian people. These are not just
            words, but the historical truth. Not a single minority resident on the territory of the
            Russian State was destroyed, even when they came as enemies; they all  kept their
            language, culture and traditions. In addition, many minorities were kept safe only
            because  Russian  blood  was  shed;  the  Georgians,  Armenians,  Tajiks,  Kirghizs,
            Kajsans, Kalmucks and many others were saved from being wiped out by their ene-
            mies. It is a shame that many of these people forgot about it, most of all, the Che-
            chens. They appealed for help against “Russian chauvinism” to the world community
            and primarily, to the USA, for some reason forgetting or “simply” not knowing that
            in this very country, which defends human rights all over the world, “human rights”

            for “some” reason were repeatedly violated.
                  When the migrants from Western Europe arrived in North America, there were
            about twenty million American Indians (almost the same number of people lived
            then in the whole Western Europe) who formed more than two thousand two hun-
            dred tribes and nations of the pre-Columbus America. Today only five hundred
            tribes with a population totalling about eight hundred thousand persons  live on
            reservations which are in the worst and least productive parts of their Mother-
            land. One thousand seven hundred tribes of Native Americans disappeared for-
            ever from the face of their own land, but their number could now have been equal to
            the European population.

                  But there is more. Two hundred fifty thousand Americans of Japanese origin
            were  thrown  into  concentration  camps  in  1941  just  because  they  had  Japanese
            roots. The Americans never shed a drop of their blood rescuing others. It is true that
            they  “politely  offered” the  Kingdom of Hawaiian Islands their protection from the
            Japanese,  during  the  American-Japanese  war  in  1941-1945  provoked  by  President
            Roosevelt, but for some reason their “defending” and “care” went so far that since
            then Hawaii has became the fiftieth, and for now, the last state of the USA. Persons
            interested  could  ask  the  native  Hawaiians  what  they  think  about  this  kind  of  “de-
            fence” and “care.” But for some reason no one sees all this, while Russia is blamed
            for all deadly sins. And this is done instead of gratitude that Russia saved dozens of
            small and not so small people from total extermination, both physical and spiritual.

                  Certainly, as in the history of any other country, Russia has had its black days;
            there were enough degenerates and dregs among the Russian people who held noth-
            ing sacred, who became social outcasts (izgoi) at their wish and treated their Mother-
            land like the enemy. Luckily, there were not so many of them. On selling their souls
            and getting power in their hands as payment, these people, first of all, began to de-
            stroy the Russian people, Russian culture and traces of the great past of the Russian
            people. This is fact which no one is able to refute. During the Last Night of Svarog,
            which lasted a thousand years and finished in 1996, so many misfortunes and hoo-
            doos befell the Russian people that would have been enough for dozens of other peo-
            ples:  nevertheless,  the  Russian  people  survived  and  will  regenerate  again,  like  the

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